Huisgemaakte chocoladeparels van Chocolate Nation

Shop, Webshop & Restaurant

Would you like to take a piece of Chocolate Nation home with you? You will find a wide variety of chocolates from our own atelier as well as from the many chocolate brands that abound in Belgium in our shop. Restaurant Octave, which is accessible from Chocolate Nation, serves Belgian cuisine with a twist.

Enjoy Chocolate together

Beyond the museum experience, enjoy tasting chocolates too

In our shop you will find a wide variety of chocolates from major Belgian chocolate brands to traditional products from top Antwerp chocolatiers. You can purchase our homemade chocolate Octave. 

But there is more: books about chocolate, starter packages to make your own pralines, chocolate beer and sparkling wine, au-bain-marie jars to conjure chocolate fondue at the dinner table, chocolate fountains and magnets with chocolate quotes for your fridge at home – as gifts or for your own use. Because be honest: chocolate is cheaper than therapy.

The Chocolate Nation Shop is open daily from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Chocolate Nation webshop

Chocolate Nation recently has its own webshop. Home made artisanal chocolate that makes you happy. And of course it tastes great, which is only logical, because our chocolate is Belgian.

Restaurant Octave

Restaurant Octave serves fine Belgian dishes with a twist. As the restaurant of the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, it goes without saying that our desserts are richly topped with delicious chocolate.

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