Werken in het grootste Belgische chocolade museum ter wereld

About us

Chocolate Nation has been created by and for lovers of Belgian chocolate. But what exactly was the initiative behind Chocolate Nation?

Mickelle Haest en Jeroen Jespers

The initiators Jeroen Jespers and Mickelle Haest went in search of the story behind Belgian chocolate. What did they find out? That there are thousands and thousands of fans of this delicacy, but that the whole story about it had never been told. Chocolate Nation has therefore been created by chocolate fans for chocolate fans. The aim is to submerge Antwerp in Belgian chocolate.

Why have we chosen Antwerp as the home base for Chocolate Nation? To answer that question, we have to go back many years. It all started with the first chocolate factory of Belgium, which opened in 1831 in Antwerp. Belgian chocolate is highly regarded to the present day, in particular thanks to the craftsmanship of Callebaut.

Established in Wieze since 1911, this chocolate maker has mastered the entire trade from bean to bar for over 100 years. For this reason, we chose Callebaut as one of our partners. Naturally, many other chocolate brands and artisans are featured at Chocolate Nation.

Our innovative experience museum has an area of ca. 4,000 m². We needed that space in fact in order to be able to host the proud history of the world famous Belgian chocolate. Chocolate Nation is undoubtedly Belgium’s most delectable attraction. Everything, simply everything, revolves around Belgian chocolate, with as many possibilities in Chocolate Nation as there are chocolate tastes.

Come and taste, enjoy and experience.