Chocolate Nation Museum

Covid-19 precautions

Covid-19 precautions


There are currently NO additional measures. A mouth mask and/or covid passport is currently NOT required

Safe and enjoyable enjoyment as a visitor? Do the following:

  • Buy a ticket online and stick to the chosen time slot.
  • If you already have a day ticket but no time slot, you can reserve a time slot via our website. To do so, select the Tickets function on the website and then select 'I already have a ticket' and then a time slot. If it is busy, some time slots (days) may be sold out and you will have to choose a different time slot/day.
  • Do you feel sick or do you have symptoms? Stay at home.
  • Limit the number of personal items so that you don’t have to use the lockers. A handbag is allowed to enter the museum. Big bags are not.
  • Stick to the safety guidelines that are communicated in the museum.
  • There is one free locker per group.