Thematic workshops for children

Workshops for children

Workshops for children

Workshops for children

Our workshops for children are specially design for children between 6 and 12 years old and take place during school holidays. The workshop procedure is very simple: one of our chocolatiers gives a small lesson in chocolate tasting and explains that there are not 3 but 4 types of chocolate. Every participant receives their own mould to make a chocolate bar with either milk or dark chocolate. On the table, you will find sweets and decorations to decorate your own chocolate bar.

Adult supervision

We expect every child to have an adult to accompany them. Every adult can accompany 1 or up to a maximum of 2 children and no children will be allowed without an adult supervisor. Adult supervisors will also receive a mould to make their own chocolate bar.


When you arrive at Chocolate Nation one of our chocolatiers will be waiting to take you to the workshop room. The workshop itself will take about 45 minutes, after which you can take the museum tour at your own pace. When you finish, you can pick up the chocolate bar you made in our shop.


€27 per person (including VAT)

An entrance ticket to Chocolate Nation is included in this price. Each participant can take home their chocolate creation and their mould, which is washable and can be reused at home.